Silver Rain

Silver Rain Bacteriostatic Soap is a topical cleansing agent with a gentle deep cleansing action without harmful side effects. It is ideal for baby’s tender skin, for teenager’s changing complexion, and for the cleansing needs of the entire family. Silver Rain has no harsh chemicals, no “medicine” smell. It is a gentle, effective topical cleansing agent. For the greatest benefit, allow Silver Rain to remain on skin for I to 3 minutes.

What is the secret? Ionized silver is in a special formula allowing silver ions to attack bacteria in a highly effective way. This enhancing process creates a lasting action which allows a small amount of silver to obtain a high degree of effectiveness, both quickly and residually.

Silver Rain has many uses in the baby nursery, the sickroom, the first aid kit, the bathroom, the kitchen or any place where cleanliness is desired. Men, women and children love Silver Rain Bacteriostatic Soap.

The following is a lab report concerning effectiveness as a health care soap: A test was requested to determine the effectiveness of the Silver Rain Soap against staphyloccus aureus AT.C.C. #6538 and Pseudomonas aeruginosa AT.C.C. #10145 organisms, when exposed for a period of 30 seconds

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The Secret

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