Unlimited Natural Health Balancing Inc. is a company that balances the human body through natural health supplements. Listen to what some our satified customers are saying.

I am one happy man to have found Silver Rain Soap. I was working for a company that cleaned cement and grime using an acid type solution under pressure. The solution penetrated through the top side of my foot and became very uncomfortable as the day went on. By that evening I found that the chemical had went through my boot and sock and was burning my flesh, so off to the emergency room I went for treatment. The burn had penetrated to the bones of my foot. The doctors wanted to do skin grafts, surgery, etc. and told me that I would most likely lose my foot. Not believing this was happening I went home to ponder my situation. My next door neighbor could tell I was worried and perplexed and shared with me the Silver Rain Soap, suggesting that I at least use it to stave off infection. Within days after regularly using the Silver Rain Soap my foot healed, no surgery and no pain and I still have my foot.

Bill of Mesa, Arizona.

As one who runs a daycare center for small children I am very aware of the rising concern for the elimination of viral and bacterial contaminants that are being introduce into our daily environments through pathways once thought safe. These ever increasing fears are justified on a daily basis by the headlines in the news and media and have made me aware of the need to be safe with the children I care for. I have found that one of the many benefits of Silver Rain Soap is that it is not harsh like antiseptic agents the hospitals use it leaves the skin baby smooth without chapping, but still is a very effective bacteria fighter. I use it to wash children’s bottoms, and have the children wash their hands with it. I also spray it on beds, toys, clean counter tops and find it to be an excellent bacteria fighter.

Satisfied Customer

I am an owner of a very successful gym and want to share my Silver Rain experience with everyone. I wipe down all the equipment at the end of each day I also keep a bottle with a sprayer close for anyone who wishes to wipe down equipment before using. I receive many complements as to the cleanliness of the gym and how nice it smells each day.

Very Pleased Customer

Just writing to let you know that I have been diagnosed with diabetes. I have been getting sores on my lower legs. I started applying the Silver Rain Soap directly on my legs three times a day and I leave it on. I do not wash it off, until I shower then I put more on. My legs are healing very nicely and now I use the Silver Rain Soap once a day.

Thanks Curtis J.

I have been purchasing Silver Rain Soap for the past thirty years and I use it mostly to shower with. Sometimes I shampoo my hair with it and sometimes I brush my teeth with it. Silver Rain Soap can be used where ever there is a bacteria problem.


Hi, my name is Debbie and I want to share with you my success with the Silver Rain Soap. I heard my father talking with a man one day and he was extolling the benefits of Silver Rain and what it can do. I was suffering from acne so therefore my thoughts were if it is that great I want some. I promptly purchased a bottle and began using it regularly, within one week my skin cleared up so beautifully that I am never going to be without it!


My story may sound pretty dumb but I am very serious about educating people to how great Silver Rain is. I have no feeling in my feet because of diabetes. After leaving the swimming pool and being barefooted and unaware of the hot pavement, I strolled to my car, then to my room. At that time I burned both of my feet. In the summer time in Mesa, Arizona it is hot enough to fry an egg on the pavement. Two month later I went to a local hospital emergency room because my feet were not healing. I was admitted to the hospital. The doctors stated it may take as long as 18 months before my feet would heal. There was also the stark possibility of amputation! I was introduced to the Silver Rain Soap by a friend and in two days the hole in my foot, which was the size of a silver dollar had closed to the size of a quarter! At this point it has almost completely closed. I am so grateful to my friends that shared Silver Rain Soap with me.

Thanks Bob


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